​                 *Beginner's ​Beekeeping Class*

​                Saturday * March 3,2018 * 10AM to 3PM 

​                $49.95  Beekeeping Basics Book Included

​            Class will be held up front in the brick building!

​                       Place your order for class today!!!!

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Valley Bee Supply, Inc. provides a hands-on approach to beekeeping in order to encourage, assist and provide education.  


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               ​Smoker Fuel   1Lb.          $.99


    ​Mite Away Quick Strips (2 Treatments 4 Strips)

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   Place your order now for 2018 Italian Bee Packages or Deep Nucs!!

​                             2018 3Lb Packages W/Mated Queen    $135

​                        2018 5Frame Deep Nucs    $195  (Nucs are locally raised)

​                     ​                      ​            Local Pickup Only!

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We manufacture over 40 quality beekeeping items (including our famous cornhole boards/bags) that we sell in our store with the employment of over 10 local members of our community. We keep over half a million dollars in inventory for beekeepers to ensure we have what you need when you need it. We are proud to provide our handmade beekeeping supplies and woodenware in the beautiful state of Virginia along with the outstanding customer service that keeps customers coming back year after year.

New style handle, no tear out on ends, undercut for superior grip and rot resistance.​ Pre-drilled Fingers and 1-5/8" Top Finger!​